Unsere Kleine Welt

(German; Our small world) Well, I don't know how to say it. I still have interest in street photography, but I broaden my genres too wide, I understand it really well. I will try to keep my focus on street photography, but I apologize if I am broadening into several genres as well. I still am encouraging others to share what they have taken in the future.

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Süß, dass Du immer mit mir bist. :)

And yeshh.. Flares still exist but who cares?

Snapshots from Acer Liquid S1. Smartphones nowadays impress me damn much.

My new love in analog photography. Say hello to the Olympus OM10!

Which Film Cameras Are Still Being Made Today: A Comprehensive List


Any photographer who still shoots film today knows all too well the meaning of the phrase “slim pickings,” whether it be in regards to film, developing labs, chemistry, darkroom equipment and even cameras. Sure, we all rely on a stock pile of vintage cameras that the majority of the world doesn’t…

I would like to share something to let you guys know that analog has not died yet.

Anybody who would like to join, feel free to do so! Check your city’s availability as well to the link contained!
Two Yashicas, 35 GSN Electro series.
Olympus, OM 10 series.
And Minolta, X300s series.
Welcome to the jungle.

Android Phone with analog camera

I sold my Pentax K-7. I don’t use any DSLR from now on until only-God-knows. I bought 2 analog cameras, Minolta and Olympus. And my Acer Liquid S1’s camera will be my digital camera right now. From this day on, I could directly post anything straight to tumblr.


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