Unsere Kleine Welt

(German; Our small world) Well, I don't know how to say it. I still have interest in street photography, but I broaden my genres too wide, I understand it really well. I will try to keep my focus on street photography, but I apologize if I am broadening into several genres as well. I still am encouraging others to share what they have taken in the future.

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Anybody who would like to join, feel free to do so! Check your city’s availability as well to the link contained!
Couple_Project11 on Flickr.
Couple_Project10 on Flickr.
Couple_Project09 on Flickr.
Couple_Project08 on Flickr.
Couple_Project07 on Flickr.
Couple_Project01 on Flickr.
Couple_Project06 on Flickr.
Couple_Project05 on Flickr.
Couple_Project04 on Flickr.
Couple_Project03 on Flickr.
Couple_Project02 on Flickr.
Wie König on Flickr.
Weg Nach Hause on Flickr.
Warte auf Eltern on Flickr.